Residential add-on cooling

Add-on cooling systems are specifically designed to complement new or existing gas ducted heating systems, to help achieve year-round comfort throughout your home.

How it works

An ‘add on’ cooling coil is positioned in front of the gas furnace and is integrated into a new or existing network of insulated ductwork and fittings. During operation the fan component from the central heater forces air through the cooling coil allowing cold air to be delivered to each room. These units are compact, economical to run and can be controlled through the same controller as your heater.

It is important to note that these systems are only applicable to installations where airflow requirements and duct design are suitable. Not all heaters are suitable for add-on cooling, so please check with a member of the Bradmac team prior to making an appointment.


A zoned add-on cooling system divides your home into different areas or “zones”. These zones can be controlled separately throughout the day or night allowing cool air to be delivered to your rooms of choice. Advanced systems can be configured with individual temperature controls in each zone.


  • Reduced running costs (save money on your gas bill)
  • Fast cooling (cool your home quicker)
  • Controlled comfort (suit individual family member needs)
  • Less strain on system (improves longevity )

Zoning is a great way to save you money on your utility bill by eliminating wastage in rooms not being used.


  • Add-on cooling can be applied to an existing ducted heating system.
  • Control your climate and zoning from one central system.
  • Using the same ducts will save you money.


Since add-on cooling utilises your existing heating ducts, we recommend having your system serviced every 2 years with your ducted gas heating to increase its lifespan.

  • This will prevent your fan from dust build up.
  • Keep your home safe with a carbon monoxide test.
  • Make sure the ducts are in good condition.
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