Residential ventilation

Ventilation is a significant way to create an enjoyable, energy efficient and health-giving home. Extracting heat in summer, managing moisture and generating fresh air into your home will contribute to creating a superior environment for your family.

How it works

  • Fresh air is introduced into the air conditioning systems to provide a constant mixture of fresh air with the recycled conditioned air.
  • Fresh air can be designed in the economy cycle of roof top package systems.

Types of ventilation

  • Fresh-air systems.
  • Toilet and bathroom extraction.
  • Economy cycle.
  • Computer-room ventilation.
  • Carpark mechanical extraction/ventilation systems.
  • Kitchen exhaust.
  • Lossnay humidifying, filtering conditioning system.


  • A well designed ventilation system will provide comfort and health benefits, preventing mildew, dampness and assist in preventing drowsiness and dry skin.
  • Prevents carbon monoxide build up in commercial car parks and high density living underground car parks.
  • Lossnay systems filter the fresh air into any building while extracting the same amount of air to provide balanced clean air. It can also lower operating costs through a heat/cool exchanger during extreme weather conditions. The lossnay system is ideal for office, home or specific rooms such as theatres.
  • The economy fresh air cycle will lower the operating costs.


All ventilation and air conditioners require regular maintenance for reliability and consistency.

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