Commercial service

Bradmac takes pride in providing excellent customer service, ongoing maintenance and fast repairs for our clients.


Recommended servicing

Heating systems

The Bradmac team can work with you to determine the servicing requirements for your commercial heating systems. Depending on a number of factors some systems will require monthly servicing while others will require less frequent servicing.

Common issues will vary to those found in domestic spaces and it is important that any problems are rectified immediately to ensure the ongoing comfort of employees and customers at your place of business.

Cooling systems

Commercial air conditioning systems will have different requirements to those you would find in the home. They are designed to cool more people and therefore need to run longer.

Commercial models are built to the highest quality to minimise potential problems and breakdowns. Bradmac will work with you to design and implement a maintenance plan to suit your system/s and budget.

All maintenance checks carried out by our t as per recommendations and guidelines set out in AIRAH (the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating)’s HVAC&R Maintenance Design Application Manual 19.

Common issues

Heating systems

We understand that as a business owner, you want to provide your staff and patrons with a comfortable environment. Unfortunately, commercial heating systems can sometimes breakdown or experience issues. A few common concerns include airflow inconsistencies, odd noises, blown fuses and poor air quality.

If you notice any problems with your appliances, contact the Bradmac team. We’ll happily help solve the issue and get your system up and running quickly.

Cooling systems

Following a preventative maintenance plan for your commercial cooling system will help prolong its lifespan and ensure it functions efficiently. However, sometimes even the most reliable and well-cared for machines can slow down and require restoration. Contact the team at Bradmac for expert assistance if you experience any kind of unusual activity including; odour, strange sounds, uneven airflow or low efficiency.

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